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Survive Low-Poly Tsunamis In Hectic Arcade FPS Swarmlake

The horde of enemies have at all times been a staple of the arcade and twin stick shooter, not only for the tense retreat to outlive however for the satisfying rush of obliterating such an amazing risk together with your superior expertise. However in Swarmlake, overcoming the horde, the tidal wave of hazard, is not an choice. All you are able to do is survive longer and beat your excessive scores because the low-poly flood washes over your shotgun-wielding avatar.

First glances could call to mind the hellish area and swarms of Satan Daggers, however play Swarmlake and the sport reveals itself to be its personal beast. If Satan Daggers supplied determined breathless survival towards nightmarish odds, Swarmlake is one thing extra calming and swish, as you rocket-jump over the waves to outmaneuver and reposition earlier than touchdown to gather your level shards and proceed the dance of evasion. That dance and wave browsing is Swarmlake‘s distilled gameplay loop; no different modes to grasp, no different weapons, simply you versus the countless crush of low-poly foes, beat your excessive rating.

The spectacle of these incoming enemies, the shadow of the hundreds-strong waves blocking out the daylight, or the hailstorm of shapes beneath as you arc overhead, are its distinctive thrills. Swarmlake could also be minimalist in its design, however the visuals of your single shotgun towards 1000’s of enemies makes fairly an impression once you’re within the midst of the motion.

Swarmlake is accessible for $0.99 on Steam. You possibly can study extra about developer by means of the sport’s website and on Twitter.

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